Catch Me If You Can – Doe Boy

Catch Me If You Can – Doe Boy


Catch Me If You Can – Doe Boy
?1. Off The Porch
?2. Pep In My Step
?3. Front Door
??4. More Than Friends
?5. Foot On Neck
?6. Options
??7. Lamb Trucks
?8. Scoreboard
?9. Set It Off f. G Herbo
Project is like a bad surgery on these instagram ladies, its ass, but you know people going to love it even if you do not know why. Project is wack, no one was waiting for this generic industry pushed, my city only listens to me because I used crime money to pay for enough attention that ended up getting me signed to a deal that is like a mortgage in NYC. Theres nothing you can get from this, this is like if wholefoods started putting out they own brand of those big bagged no frills cereals, there is no need for it, at all. Then he had the nerve to throw on another wack rapper from the same pool to close this one out and get cooked by him. This project is for adults and kids that follow people who only show money and they grills on IG and get inspired.
1/10 – John D.


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