Renaissance – Beyonce

Renaissance – Beyonce


Renaissance – Beyonce
??01. I’m That Girl
?02. Cozy
?03. Alien Superstar
??04. Cuff It
?05. Energy
?06. Break My Soul
??07. Church Girl
?08. Plastic Off The Sofa
??09. Virgo’s Groove
?10. Move
?11. Heated
??12. Thique
?13. All Up In Your Mind
?14. America Has A Problem
?15. Pure/Honey
??16. Summer Renaissance
This a dance album with strategic F bombs and sex references sprinkled around it in what sounds like a white tik toker doing black voice to represent female empowerment. Throw in a bunch of popular tik tok words and sayings in the lady community usually in the 18-25 yr old range and thats most of the lyrics to this project. Like she googled searched quotes for strong women and her album is pages 1-35, then she sprinkled in some what would Nicki or Lizzo do. Sounds like all her exec producers and everyone involved on this album were just clashing ideas and arguing and she decided she could sing over it regardless. Pacing follows this energy. Quality is up there but this project is really not a fun experience, its more of seeing and being inside of a females car before she gets a chance to “tidy” it up. Its the bad side of paying to put a project together, its like an A.I. algorithm made an album out of what was popular, LGBTQ+ and put it all together for her to sing, or nicki/doja yell or black voice curse on. Highkey tho this is gym music for a planet fitness in the hood. Pass.
3/10 – John D.


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