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Block Boyz – Lil1700adrian

Block Boyz – Lil1700adrian
Block Boyz – Lil1700adrian
📲01. Bubba Intro
🆗02. 2000
👍🏾03. Shook Ones
👍🏾04. Energy Freestyles
🌊05. Go Off (Remix)
🆗06. Still Here
👍🏾07. Around Me f. Lilp209
💤08. Cooked f. Acito
😴09. Big 17
👎🏾10. The Block Boyz
🆗11. Message From the A
🗑12. Tomorrows To Late f. Acito & Frago
🆗13. 2 Minute WArning f. Acito
👎🏾14. Sunrise Market (Remix)
🌊15. No Half Steppin f. YoungSix
🆗16. The Deep f. Acito
📱17. Bubba Outro
Project is wild generic. Most of these beats fire tho. Dude said something about rappers sound the same and he sound like everyone from his area. Typical hormonal thuggery, i shoot better than you, my team shoot better than you so hypothetically and some real instances your team dead. Its boring. Nothing pops he wasted some dope beats and features encouraged it. Its all mids. No one tried but the beatmaker. Pass. Its not awful but its also not good.
4/10 – John D.
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