The Untold Story – Soule

The Untold Story – Soule


The Untold Story – Soule
?01. The Intro
?02. The 911
?03. The Poison f. Jamaar
?04. The B.M.D
?05. The Field
?06. The Invade
?07. The Edge
?08. The Let Down f. J Nolan
?09. The Wake
?10. The Reassurance (Outro)
?11. The System f. Deano Miles
Project is incredible. This like a rebuttal to all that shit Brent Faiyaz and Future be dropping. Lets make it very clear, she can absolutely fucking rap. All of the raps, she snapping, she flowing, she punching, and 98.6% of it is aimed at you dusty, deadbeat ass, low quality men. Project is toxic but in a very real, honesty and understandable way. On top of all the drama surrounding it tho, the music is very dope. The pacing is dope, all the production is dope, the features all came through, like this project was hitting every second, even that long outro was hitting. She put out a perfect passion piece from the pacing, the beats, the raps, the subjects, all of it. It doesn’t get any clearer than that. You gotta put this one in rotation.
9/10 – John D.


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