650 EP – G5 Elz

650 EP – G5 Elz


650 EP – G5 Elz
?1. Snobulous
?2. Cloudbust
?3. Puffy
?4. Lavo
?5. Options
?6. Snobulous (Club Edit)
This project was absolutely garbage. This that one cat in highschool that wore the same clothes everyday and never had a shapeup but like after college and him buying 1 pair of shades. Where is all this confidence coming from. All this aggro thuggery and forced flexing was giving me he still uses his moms car and then gets mad when she uses it against him, on some “im a grown ass man” shit but still under her roof. I know dude head is big as hell in real life. This is so wack like he got all the confidence and energy too but nothing else. This what gentrified queens sound like. He from queens but prolly shop at whole foods. Suprisingly for a project that lacks high fructose corn syrup, this dude is highkey the main ingredient. Throw this out. I need someone from queens to explain this to me, or apologize.
0/10 – John D.


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