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Mixed Emotions – BabyFaceWood

Mixed Emotions – BabyFaceWood
Mixed Emotions – BabyFaceWood
👍🏾01. Rock N Roll
👍🏾02. No Hook
🌊03. Ride f. Yung Flaccoo
👍🏾04. Where My Heart Live f. Rico 2 Smoove
🆗05. Real Fr
😴06. No Statements
👍🏾07. Still Here f. Syfer
🌊08. Clown Me f. Browz
💤09. Cater 2 U f. Salah Babyy
🆗10. Two One
🆗11. Streets f. 7thLettahSav
👍🏾12. Strike Em Down
🆗13. Chosen
😴14. Dive In f. 7thLettahSav & LokiChaseABag
Project was bland, needs flair. Its clean quality and sound wise to the new age standard but just nothing original. Just same old stuff we been hearing. Lyrics are as bland as it gets. We get it. Lifes tough, mud stuff and all that. Generic. Background music cool, but anything else its not worth it. Its mids.
5/10 – John D.
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