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Noughty By Nature [Extended Edition] – Digga D

Noughty By Nature [Extended Edition] – Digga D
Noughty By Nature [Extended Edition] – Digga D
🔥01. Intro
🔥02. Alter Ego
🔥03. Load Up
🌊04. Stuck In The Mud
🚒05. Pump 101 Feat. Still Brickin’
🌊06. Hold It Down
👍🏼07. What You Reckon Feat. B-Lovee
👍🏼08. Main Road
🆗09. Secret Feat. Rack5, Dodgy, Horrid1 & Internet Money
👎🏼10. G Lock Feat. Moneybagg Yo
🌊11. Statement
🌊12. Addicted
👎🏼13. Attention
🆗14. Rambo Feat. Hotboii
🌊15. Why Feat AJ Tracy
🌊16. Let It Go Feat. Maverick Sabre
🔥17. Wasted Feat. Arrdee
🌊18. 2k17
🔥19. Red Light Green Light
🔥20. A Lil Promo (Freestyle)
🔥21. Life Of A Real G (Freestyle)
🌊22. On The Radar (Freestyle)
🔥23. Amelia Amelia
This album was a cool dive into UK rap. Digga starts the album strong, showing his rapping skills right off the bat just dropping bangers. After track 5 the momentum starts to slow down. I love rendition of Stunt 101 by 50 Cent paying homage to someone who he obviously is influenced by, but it gets a little much when he keeps doing that for two more songs right after. If you’re not into UK rap, the accent will probably throw you off. It’s a either you hate it or love it kinda deal. I personally fuck with UK rap so the accent in the raps doesn’t bother me, but for a casual American listener, I can see it overstaying it’s welcome throughout the album. Towards the end he picks the momentum back up and just delivers some fire bars over some grimy UK drill/grime sounding beats. Overall, the album is pretty solid. When he rap raps he’s at his best, the rest I can take it or leave it.
7/10 – RecklessDWR
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