Noughty By Nature [Extended Edition] – Digga D

Noughty By Nature [Extended Edition] – Digga D


Noughty By Nature [Extended Edition] – Digga D
?01. Intro
?02. Alter Ego
?03. Load Up
?04. Stuck In The Mud
?05. Pump 101 Feat. Still Brickin’
?06. Hold It Down
??07. What You Reckon Feat. B-Lovee
??08. Main Road
?09. Secret Feat. Rack5, Dodgy, Horrid1 & Internet Money
??10. G Lock Feat. Moneybagg Yo
?11. Statement
?12. Addicted
??13. Attention
?14. Rambo Feat. Hotboii
?15. Why Feat AJ Tracy
?16. Let It Go Feat. Maverick Sabre
?17. Wasted Feat. Arrdee
?18. 2k17
?19. Red Light Green Light
?20. A Lil Promo (Freestyle)
?21. Life Of A Real G (Freestyle)
?22. On The Radar (Freestyle)
?23. Amelia Amelia
This album was a cool dive into UK rap. Digga starts the album strong, showing his rapping skills right off the bat just dropping bangers. After track 5 the momentum starts to slow down. I love rendition of Stunt 101 by 50 Cent paying homage to someone who he obviously is influenced by, but it gets a little much when he keeps doing that for two more songs right after. If you’re not into UK rap, the accent will probably throw you off. It’s a either you hate it or love it kinda deal. I personally fuck with UK rap so the accent in the raps doesn’t bother me, but for a casual American listener, I can see it overstaying it’s welcome throughout the album. Towards the end he picks the momentum back up and just delivers some fire bars over some grimy UK drill/grime sounding beats. Overall, the album is pretty solid. When he rap raps he’s at his best, the rest I can take it or leave it.
7/10 – RecklessDWR


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