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Seed Phrases EP – The Season

Seed Phrases EP – The Season
Seed Phrases EP – The Season
🔥1. Seed Phrases
🌊2. Road Rage
👍🏾3. I Want You Back
👍🏾4. Double Up f. Status631
🔥5. Know Your Limits
Project is solid, lots of gems, some good feels to it and its a new age take on something uplifting but more insightful than anything. I was here for it, loved the production and the variety, raps was here too, he was doing his thing only thing that took from it was the Autotune sometimes stood out very aggressively. Feature was solid too had a few moments where he was rapping in old kung fu movie subtitles so it was a bit too fast for everything else going on. Not bad tho, solid contrast he really does it all its just sometimes you think maybe another non rapping feature could’ve have gave it more life. In rotation for sure, solid pacing and quality all around.
7/10 – John D.
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