Divine Timing – Kamaiyah

Divine Timing – Kamaiyah


Divine Timing – Kamaiyah
?1. Oakland Steppin In Detroit f. ?Sada Baby
??2. Brand New Rolex
?3. F.W.I f. DaBoii
?4. Blue Maserati
??5. Play Too Much f. Cash Kidd
?6. Brenda Talks From Heaven
??7. Divine Timing
Project was ass. From the corny Bay Area type beats, her rapping about having a big bag and big belly, the awful autotune singing, like this was all that 7 times. Highkey she prolly next up because she seem like if you don’t agree she would fight you and for how she rap, I dont think anyone wants that smoke. Raps was dry, very stale, open bag of chips type energy outside on a humid summer day. Pen was lowkey on the level of some of the worst mainstream rappers, features were type funny they also seemed like they didnt wanna get punched. Whole project was just ass, I need my time back for sure. I took this L for yall.
1/10 – John D.


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