Dollz – Live Solum

Dollz – Live Solum


Dollz – Live Solum
?1. Devil With a Halo
??2. Gah Damn
?3. Haha
?4. Hello f. Dinaseclipse
?5. Nerve
?6. Wanted
?7. Woah
Dude probably wrote his lyrics with speech to text. This is so ass its unfortunate because the beats werent all bad, they were solid sad boy type in between some very boring bubble gum ones, but this dudes 3rd grade level vocabulary and understanding of melodics was a mess. Wack drooling flow bullshit, wack ad libs, terrible autotune and effect on his vocals. Felt like this project performed to me but with its back facing me. Type of cat to eat nuggets only with no condiments. We can toss this one in the deepest depths of the ocean and just hope it doesnt effect whatever is going on down there more than it effected my day and peace. Trash, lets stop getting these trash artists famous, even if its semi famous, or even seen, lets just ignore them.
1/10 – John D.


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