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Apt. 505 – Coast Contra

Apt. 505 – Coast Contra
Apt. 505 – Coast Contra
🔥01. APT
🔥02. Get The Worm
🔥03. My Lady ft Kateel
🚒04. 2 Phone Jack
🚒05. AF1
🚒06. Pimpin’ Benjamin
🔥07. Safe Side- Interlude
🚒08. 505
🚒09. Legacy
🚒10. Queen & Slim
🌊11. On Tap
🌊12. Coupe Dreams
🔥13. Explicit
🔥14. Intentional
😭15. Subu Skit
🔥16. Family
🔥17. Pangea
This group takes lyrically bending and cultural variety to its very end on this project. Each member has a few moments throughout and the blending of golden age & new school feels insanely thirst quenching. There are some hiccups here & there and some songs are too long or too short. Overall this is a solid Big Mac meal with a Large Sprite and 2 apple pies. That’s a “go to” all day.
8/10 – TR!P
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