Chillhop Essentials Fall 2021

Chillhop Essentials Fall 2021


Chillhop Essentials Fall 2021
?01. Bell Tower by Mama Aiuto
?02. Little Bird by Liphe
?03. Blue Coupe by Kreatev
?04. Spirits by Evil Needle
?05. Forgive by Ward Wills
?06. Mistral by Nymano Feat. Suuna
?07. Ancient Paths by Enzalla
??08. How Much Longer by Sofaslund
?09. Sirens by Smile High Feat. Teddy Roxpin & cloudcord
?10. Tiffany by Masked Man
?11. Rituals by Anbnn Feat. Blue Wednesday
?12. Later Today by Afroham Feat. Ødyssee
?13. Fallcameearly by Sleepy Fish Feat. Philathrope
?14. Can’t Get Enough by Montell Fish
?15. Virtual Evening by C Y G N
?16. Backseat by Wei Feat. Jacuzzi Jefferson, Luke Otwell & Kyle McEvoy
?17. The Shortest Day Alone by Psalm Trees Feat. Chico Balbin
?18. Seasons by Stan Forebee
?19. Nice Day by Aso
?20. Orange by Cap Kendricks
?21. Sunvizor Down by deeB Feat. The Golden Cobra
?22. Claire2 by Ian Ewing
?23. Like This by Weird Inside
?24. Shanti by Makzo
?25. Colors of Fall, Wool Clothes by Kendall Miles
?26. Matoki by Aves Feat. Snoophkeen
?27. Brisk by fantompower
?28. Flowerbeds by Foxwood
If the feel of autumn was converted into literal music, it would be this project right here. This album just screams fall. All the beats give that laid back feel that you can have playing while you clean your house, read a book or just vibe out to the smooth sounds this project provides. The titles of some of these songs also compliment and add to that autumn feel that reminds you fondly of past years during the same seasonal time. It’s very long but I can tell this was ment to be played on shuffle to add to a good vibe to any office or waiting room. Highly recommend if this kind of instrumental music is your thing.
7.5/10 – RecklessDWR


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