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Høuse Øf Shadøws – DNY Blaze

Høuse Øf Shadøws – DNY Blaze
Høuse Øf Shadøws – DNY Blaze
😴1. Alpha & Ømega
🌊2. Talk My Shit
🆗3. I Knøw
😴4. Right Nøw Yeah
👎🏾5. Energizher
🆗6. Desperadø
😴7. Living Legend
Project aint it. Its crazy because it copies the mainstream down to a T. This is the picture perfect copy of the lower tier new age artist and the ball was still dropped. No substance, but when you let that slide, the beats are just ok if you like searching youtube “insert artist name like beats”. The pacing is boring, the autotune effect on the singing is exactly the same on the rapping so they go back and forth between one sounding ok and the other sounding strange. I typed dudes name out 3 times to get this review set and my head kept saying, Yung or Lil Blaze. We gonna put this one under the same rug that the Brooklyn New Jersey Nets just got swept under. A bit of effort, maybe a dash of himself, and a sprits of originality could have went a long way.
2/10 – John D.
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