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Non-Perishable – tobi lou

Non-Perishable – tobi lou
Non-Perishable – tobi lou
🔥01. Hopeless Romantic
🔥02. Babycakes
🏥03. Meaningless
🏥04. 2hrs+ ft T-Pain
🚒05. WIDE OPEN ft Jean Deaux
🚒06. Jelly
🔥07. Yamaguchi
🏥08. She Know My Name
🏥09. Hurry-Up Offense
🚒10. Busy
🔥11. The Last Dance ft CHIKA
This project is a good time and then some. The beats hit, a lot of flow changing, & lyrical bending that brings a refreshing sound to the ear. This is pretty on par with tobi as the unique cartoonish feel of his past became a little more balanced. There were a couple quirks here & there but overall this project slaps.
8.8/10 – TR!P
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