Desert Chapel Tapes – P.T.P

Desert Chapel Tapes – P.T.P


Desert Chapel Tapes – P.T.P
?01. Only One I Know
?02. Bury Me
??03. Love
?04. Gose
?05. I’ll Wait
?06. Oh Gosh
?07. Save My Life
?08. Dust Collector Freestyle
?09. Ghost
?10. Beige
?11. Lessons
?12. All My Life (the realest bitch?)
?13. Bye Bye
?14. Villain 2
??15. Return
??16. XXX
?17. Rose Water
?18. Ride
?19. Shutting Down
?20. Easel
??21. End
?22. Unfold
?23. Away
?24. So It Goes
Project is solid. My biggest issue with this one is the ideas, the talent, the variety is all very clear but I feel like the work that gets done in the headphones or in front of the monitors didnt follow the same energy. Felt like he put allot into each and every track but just needed some other ears to chime in on effects and some of the more artistic decisions made to brighten this up. Otherwise I love the writing, I love the honesty, I love the art of it all I just did not love the length. Very long but I understand what was happening, I do think splitting this up wouldnt have changed how people are going to digest it but either way very solid. Production was fun even if ive heard mad people rap on that Oh Gosh beat including myself in the last few months. Its dope, its a bit rough but its very clear on what its trying to put out there. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.


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