Optimist – Finneas

Optimist – Finneas

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?01. A Concert Six Months From Now
?02. The Kids Are All Dying
?03. Happy Now?
?04. Only A Lifetime
??05. The 90s
??06. Love Is Pain
?07. Peaches Etude
??08. Hurt Locker
?09. Medieval
?10. Someone Else’s Star
??11. Around My Neck
?12. What They’ll Say About Us
??13. How It Ends
This project felt very generic. Like he was trying to sound original but ended up sounding like someone else. You can’t put your finger on who but you know in the back of your mind this sound like somebody else. The pacing was very melancholy it was hard to get invested. The production was clean the lyrics a bit boring but it wasn’t all bad. It just wasn’t for me. Maybe it’s for you? But ima pass.
5/10 – LP


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