GOLDEN CHILD –  Wallie The Sensei

GOLDEN CHILD – Wallie The Sensei

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?01. Lamb
?02. 03 Flow
?03. Bitch Please, Pt 2 (ft Nebula Swavey)
?04. Fallin Apart
?05. Bompton To Balabasas
?06. Get Freaky
?07. Cuisine (ft Nebula Swavey & Pho Pho)
?08. Upgrade
?09. Break
?10. Looking For
?11. Black Dwarf
?12. Sage
?13. Falling
?14. Konfessions
?15. Stop Ballin
?16. Scandalous (ft Mar & Yah-L)
?17. Scandalous (ft 42 Dugg) [Remix]
I had a good time with this project, dude clearly has a pen because there’s some clever shit and some heartfelt shit in here. It’s definitely in that new age lane but done really well some of the raps is a little predictable some times but all together I was impressed. Quality is clean features didn’t run away with the tracks everybody did their thing. Biggest draw back with this kind of sound is you can’t make projects this long because in one sitting they do all start to bleed together and that takes away from some of the focus on that clever writing I mentioned.
Worth a listen. Definitely recommend giving this some spins.
7/10 – JW


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