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BPL – D. Savage

BPL – D. Savage

BPL – D.Savage

🆗01. Turn It Up
🌊02. Stay Alert
🆗03. Don’t U Change
🆗04. Runtz
🌊05. Stick n the Trunk (ft Lil Gnar)
🌊06. Too Close
🆗07. Bring Me Down (ft Matt OX & K Suave)
👍08. Don’t Go
🆗09. Feels Important
🌊10. My Very Best (ft Tony Shhnow)
🆗11. One Kall
😴12. Bet
🌊13. Lock’d In
🌊14. Keep On Trying
🆗15. IDC (ft Trippie Redd)
Pretty generic stuff right out the gate, very basic new age sad boy thuggin raps, I fuck with the vibe being set for the most part I just wasn’t wow’d by anything and spent a lot of time feeling like I’ve heard these songs before. There’s definitely a few tracks on here that I’ll give a few more spins but most of the project was pretty much cookie cutter throw aways to me. Nothing about the production was stellar either it all felt pretty safe.
5/10 – JW
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