Haram – Armand Hammer & The Alchemist

Haram – Armand Hammer & The Alchemist

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?01. Sir Benni Miles
?02. Roaches Don’t Fly
?03. Black Sunlight (ft Kayan.a)
?04. Indian Summer
?05. Aubergine (ft Fielded)
?06. God’s Feet
?07. Peppertree
?08. Scaffolds
?09. Falling out the Sky (ft Earl Sweatshirt)
?10. Wishing Bad (ft Curly Castro & Amani)
?11. Chicharones (ft Quelle Chris)
?12. Squeegee
?13. Robert Moses
?14. Stonefruit
This shit is a ride to say the least. Project is DENSE with raps I mean dense af like a brick of lead. There’s a couple points when it feels like you are being verbally battered and almost starts to feel a little like word salad. The pacing and the production are gas almost all the way through and most of the songs transition into each other seamlessly. As a whole this project is heat.
8/10 – JW


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