Stoner’s Night – Juicy J & Wiz Khalifa

Stoner’s Night – Juicy J & Wiz Khalifa

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Stoner’s Night – Juicy J & Wiz Khalifa

?01. Testin
??02. Weak
?03. Pop That Trunk
?04. Big Game
?05. Backseat f. Project Pat
?06. Throw It
?07. Try It
?08. They Wanna See You
?09. Ass For Days
?10. Club Close
?11. Blaze Up
?12. Why Do I Stay High f. Elle Varner
?13. Invest
This project is boring. Instead of getting the smokers vibe I felt like my sleep paralysis demon was replaced by a bunch of wiggers on xan’s who strategically replace the N word in rap songs with hand gestures. Wiz rap like he trying to teach a toddler how to pronounce things correctly and Juicy J out here rapping like that one 40 year old uncle who follows the trends of 20 year olds. The production is very weak, like level 1 fruity loops and looperman clips type shit. If it wasnt for Juicy J making me laugh, but also carrying this and Project Pat saving the day on that one track this project would have gotten 1 out of 10. That being said.
3/10 – John D.


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