Comethazine The Album – Comethazine

Comethazine The Album – Comethazine

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?01. No Hype
?02. God’s Schedule
?03. Hallla
?04. Lord
?05. Solar Freestyle
?06. Six Flags
?07. Wake Up (2016 Unreleased)
?08. Spinback
?09. Balls to the Wall
?10. 4 Deep
?11. I Been Love Guns
?12. So You Say You A Gangster
?13. SK Music
??14. Buffed Up
??15. Pimps In The House
?16. Deuces
?17. Niggas is Niggas
??18. 1 Deep
For all the pimps, simps, scumbags, scallywags. This is just a mess of an album. Too much fornication & choppa ripping but nothing serious or even remotely real is written. The only potential for this project is the beats, which get repetitive at some point, & he can kinda rap but the aggressive, careless, thugged out trick is played out, n will forever be played out. Overall I can’t get jiggy with this shit‼️‼️‼️
4.5/10 – TR!P


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