Pink Is Better – Token

Pink Is Better – Token

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?01. A Little Different
?02. Caught on Camera
?03. High Heels f. Rico Nasty
?04. HOT!
?05. Not Love
?06. Sip
?07. Be Happy
?09. Struck Gold
?10. Amsterdam f. ?Benny the Butcher
?11. Chit Chat
?12. Boom f. JID
?14. Best Highs
?15. I Can’t Help It f. Digital Nas & SAINT LYOR
?16. IOD f. Lil Skies & YKD Jah
?17. Pink
?18. Thank God
Dude is an artist. Its one thing to rap good, and another to get a message across, but to do that and make it seem effortless, while also taking risks and being very honest incredible. This project hits all those notes and more, at a very high level too. You can hear the hard work, the perfectionism, the chaos and completion of thoughts, and this is all off one listen. I can only imagine what multiple spins will bring out. You got bangers, smooth tracks, soft tracks, REAL tracks and they all fit a big picture and tell a story. Features came through too. Even the more risky sub genre tracks fit the narrative and work. Project is excellent, and everyone can take something from it, whether you are an artist or a regular ass human. In heavy rotation.
9.7/10 – John D.


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