Never Sell Bitcoin – DRE!

Never Sell Bitcoin – DRE!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Never Sell Bitcoin – DRE!

?01. Bollinger Bands
?02. RichCoin
?03. NordVPN
?04. Breakfast in Osu
?05. Downstairs
?06. Busara
?07. Fibbonacci Sequence
?08. Doubles Game
?09. Boat Life or No Life
?10. Dre Dalio
?11. 100 Missed Calls
This project has some slap in it. All seriousness though, this project is gritty with a diverse beat selection. The flows are a little stiff at times and some bars are hit or miss. Overall this project still slaps, could have used a bit more love on the hooks maybe a feature or 2 for contrast but either way he slid on these fire ass beats. If you scared to get into crypto let this project hold your hand, or hit him up to make sure he is about that life he talking since hes aiming to uplift and educate black folk and hip hop heads at the same damn time.
7.5/10 – TR!P


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