Pay The Rappers – Showrocka & SPEK ARSON

Pay The Rappers – Showrocka & SPEK ARSON

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Pay The Rappers – Showrocka & SPEK ARSON

?01. Pay The Rappers
?02. Get Loose
?03. Old Flow
?04. Mama’s Kitchen
?05. Raw
?06. Big Hoop Energy (ft Brucie, Dezi da Bomb Diva, Jayla Sings, Kay Watts & Lxvndr)
?07. Hard to tell
?08. Bodies
?09. Evil Streets
?10. No Cappin’
?11. Drunk Chick
?12. Life is Hard
?13. 2 Way Ave (ft Litty)
?14. Loyalty & Lawyer Fees (ft Jayla Sings)
This is some quality old head raps, I fuck with most of this pretty much but I definitely got some critiques, the most urgent one being why the hell didn’t y’all make home girl on the last track do another take or show some love to her vocals because she was off key as fuck and it just seems like laziness because that could of easily been fixed. That being said there’s only a few weak tracks on here and while track 6 only got a thumbs up most of them were spitting but most of them shoulda had longer verses on separate songs as proper features instead of some half assed women empowerment cypher. I woulda preferred to hear more of them Individually on separate tracks. That being said trim some fat make some slight changes and this project slapped.
6.8/10 – JW


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