Main Topic – Lul Tys

Main Topic – Lul Tys

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Main Topic – Lul Tys

?01. Televised
??02. Dead Oppsk
?03. Internet Thugs
?04. IJWK
?05. Double Back (40 seconds of silence at the end)
?06. Colder
?07. Real Facts
?08. Afterlife
?09. With This Glizzy
??10. No Pass
?11. Main Topic
?12. Straight Bars
Not mad at this one at all. One thing I think will turn people around is he has a very whiney voice. For me I rocked with it. He didnt go crazy with flows and such and sometimes would rush the pocket but overall he was snapping. He was talking some real street shit, putting his story in it and none of it sounded or felt fabricated. The production was clean, had some bay area type stuff but not as obnoxious so I was with it and it had some just trap type stuff going on that worked too. I was here for it, he was punching, double timing and all that young cat stuff but with the confidence of a vet. Pacing was solid, it was just his chapter in a street story. Solid project, easily in rotation.
7/10 – John D.


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