Devil At The Pulpit – JFliz

Devil At The Pulpit – JFliz

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Devil At The Pulpit – JFliz

?1. The Descent (feat. DJ Decepta)
?2. Haymaker
?3. Can’t See Me (feat. Aztech from Hybrid Thought)
?4. Better Way
?5. Grind (feat. Mayhem of EMS)
??6. Boo Thang
?7. Out The Gates (feat. Tali Rodriguez, G Fam Black & P-Ro)
??8. The Pulpit
I like the whole fallen angel Lucifer theme JFliz got going on. It felt like I was at a church where the pastor was a dope lyricist. This is all boom bap all raps and pretty aggressive. That’s the good. Production and beats felt generic, the pacing was decent but it’s the actual flow like there isn’t any switch ups there’s nothing pulling me in and getting me invested. This isn’t a bad album but what would’ve made it great isn’t here. I needed more seasoning on these songs he just rapping like anybody can rap but what makes you stand out. In semi rotation.
6.9/10 – LP


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