Live Wires 2 – Kut One

Live Wires 2 – Kut One

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?01. Guerilla Season f. Recognize Ali
?02. Get Mine Regardless f. Jamal Gasol, Rome Streetz & Saipher Soze
?03. Minute Details f. Kadeem
?04. It’s a Lifestyle f. Supreme Cerebral
?05. Who Do I Trust f. Agallah
?06. Raised Around Wolves f. O.C.
??07. Best Served Cold f. Thamson.P
??08. All Love f. Ruste Juxx
?09. Take a Picture f. KXNG Crooked
?10. That’s a Muthafuckin Fact f. Flashius Clayton
??11. Make A Dolla f. Sadat X
?12. Sodom & Gomorrah f. Sleep Sinatra
?13. Chopping Block f. Ciecmate & Bigfoot
Project is a good time, you got a perfect mix of gritty, old head and just straight up dope on an old school compilation. If the tape days from the paste stayed alive this wouldn’t feel as refreshing. You got under under dogs, legends and dudes that are pretty much breaking that top underground spot on here. All of the raps, stories, bars, old head madness (track 11) and filthy beats. My biggest issue with this is some songs went on way longer than they should have but outside of that them shits was hitting. Pacing is what you expect on a compilation, it leans towards one sided sound wise just grit after grit but the rappers add the different flavors seasoning and such. If you wanna bump some hip hop but do not want to make a decision or bump a specific album, this is a good go to. In rotation.
7.9/10 – John D.


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