Never Land II – Andy Mineo

Never Land II – Andy Mineo

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Never Land II – Andy Mineo

?01. Am I…
?02. …Falling?
?03. Been About It f. Lecrae
?04. You Know the Drill f. Wordsplayed
?05. Working On It f. Chandler Moore & Taylor Hill
?06. New Father
?07. Nobody’s Coming
?08. Remind Me f. JVKE
?09. Not Gon’ Do f. Joseph Solomon
?10. It Could Be Worse
?11. Priorities
?12. Trying
?13. Cross My Heart f. INK
?14. Coming in Hot f. Lecrae
Project is a good time. Starts off with all the taking risks, experimental and some upbeat and it slid but it was all a setup. Once that passes and you hit the skit about homie wishing for a new pops is when it grabbed me. Then all the relatable, all the tears, all the inspirational, and all the honesty comes through. If you lacked a father figure growing up, live in your past mentally, try your hardest while also realizing you are not the best and don’t do the most, and also if you are a not big artist who shoots big and dreams big, all of the second half of this project is for us. It worked, the production the features the quality all clean but end of the day when Andy switches outta his drake ish bag and into that sad nostalgia bag, shit is an instant win. In rotation heavy, project has mad heart.
9/10 – John D.


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