Homecourt Advantage, Vol. 1 – Marlon Craft

Homecourt Advantage, Vol. 1 – Marlon Craft

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?1. Oh Lord
?2. The Loop
?3. PACE f. redveil
?4. Lost Faith
?5. Voicemail (Skit)
?6. Bluffin
?7. Bozos
?8. Tom Thibodeau
?9. Dead-Ish
?10. STRESSED WITH the BEST f. Oswin Benjamin
?11. All We Got
?12. Halal
There isnt much you can say bad about Craft. The only reason people have for not liking him is either hes white or he don’t look like he sound. If you don’t rock with him you are a hater. He out here consistent, and this project can go right up there with his best. Everything he releases has heart, has messages, gems, bars, flows, raps, risks and all, then you can factor in dope production and features. You cant go wrong, with just putting him on shuffle and this project is a perfect example of that. Pacing, energy, variety, its here. This one is head no matter how you look at it, theres a couple of undercooked hooks but do not get it twisted they don’t take away from this. Also if you are a white rapper, listen to track 9, then find a way to thank the people of this culture and also the culture. This is easily in rotation for any form of hip hop head, don’t try to even talk to me about it.
9.5/10 – John D.


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