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Bloodline – Knoxxy & Blicka Don

Bloodline – Knoxxy & Blicka Don


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Bloodline – Knoxxy & Blicka Don
🌊01. Bloodline
👍🏾02. Big Steppa
🌊03. Do U Mind (with Darius “D Blaze” Waters)
🔥04. Choosey f. Anthony Kannon
🌊05. Pava f. Anthony Kannon
🌊07. Lit f. Anthony Kannon
👍🏾08. Harley
🌊09. Namaste
🌊10. Day 1
🔥11. La 2 Japan
Project is solid. You have 2 dudes who both clearly know how to hit that industry standard, but also can slide if they want to putting something together that gives me the feeling that they wanna take a crack at the mainstream. Not mad at it at all, the production was solid, the subject matter was very in the new age spectrum but you had moments where they would flex pens, especially on the tracks with Kannon, it works. The pacing is a bit one dimensional felt more like just throw together some slappers to put it out there. The hooks on some were a bit undercooked and could’ve taken these songs a bit further on the radio ready catchy wave, but either way they weren’t bad. Overall very solid, good chemistry, if they both knocked out a batch of songs and structured them together with a bit more purpose they could really do damage. In rotation tho, especially if you just tryna kick it.
7/10 – John D.
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