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The Last Dance – Stēzo

The Last Dance – Stēzo
The Last Dance – Stēzo
🌊01. Main Event (Intro)
🌊02. Keep the Groove (feat. Johnny Famous, Chris Lowe)
👑03. Hip-Hop Eulogy (feat. Big Daddy Kane)
🔥04. Where the Funk At? (Chris Lowe Remix)
🌊05. Opera House
👑06. Hip-Hop Eulogy (feat. LL Cool J)
🌊07. Psychopathic Maniac (feat. Edo. G, Craig G, Masta Ace)
👑08. Hip-Hop Eulogy (feat. Kangol Kid)
🔥09. Check One, Two (feat. Grand Puba, Chris Lowe, Chubb Rock, Kia Jefferies)
🌊10. Rapzone (feat. Special Ed, Tash)
👑11. Hip-Hop Eulogy (feat. Pete Rock)
🌊12. Lucky Me
👑13. Hip-Hop Eulogy (feat. DJ Cool V)
🌊14. Steve N The Biz (feat. Biz Markie)
🌊15. Homeless Stevie
🌊16. Its My Turn 2021 (feat. Chris Lowe)
🌊17. Bring the Horns (feat. Chris Lowe, Tall T, Hakim Green)
👑18. Hip-Hop Eulogy (feat. Just Blaze)
🔥19. Ruff N Rugged
🌊20. 4 STEZO (feat. Shomari)
This project was bittersweet. Its sad when any community loses a legend or a pioneer or even someone just there from the beginning in general who kept it authentic until the end. For a posthumous project this is how it is supposed to be done, I don’t know if this was finished by him prior or finished around his final recordings but what I do know is that the vibe the energy and the love put into this project felt real. The production was dope, the quality solid, the raps were here for sure, old school, message heavy, old head heavy but also just very deep rooted in love and culture. It was a vibe like remembering your favorite stories told to you by your favorite uncles when you were younger. The skits with all the legends, even the features by them some here some also gone, it just hit. The way to sum this up is like watching a classic throwback black movie with a happy ending but then the dedicated to credits pop up and it includes the real people or someone who was a big part in the movie. In rotation for sure.
7.8/10 – John D.
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