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Code of Ethics – Kidd-D & Lee Blackman

Code of Ethics – Kidd-D & Lee Blackman
Code of Ethics – Kidd-D & Lee Blackman
🔥01. Intro
🌊02. Cruisin’
👍🏾03. Fake Rap
👍🏾04. Count Ya Blessings (the end was not it)
🌊05. 40Oz
🌊06. Feel Good
🌊07. I Wanna (Do Right)
🔥08. Reminisce
🌊09. The Old Days
🔥10. Another Day
Project slides. Shout out to every beat on this for making my day and my day just started. It lowkey carried this. Dude rapping on here was solid but he had some moments that would take you out like end of track 4 or mid track 9, other than some strange decisions he was rap rapping. The content was here, the pacing was solid, there was a feature on here that I was not feeling he took away from the track. Not bad tho, clean mix, just grounded raps from someone who cares produced by someone who probably doesn’t realize how dope they production is. Need more of this, its lesson heavy, got real heart and stories but also just has this very simple but deep vibe to it. In rotation.
7.3/10 – John D.
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