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Alter Ego – Napoleon Da Legend & Nejma Nefertiti

Alter Ego – Napoleon Da Legend & Nejma Nefertiti
Alter Ego – Napoleon Da Legend & Nejma Nefertiti
👍🏾01. No Limit (some of the forced back n forth cuts were jarring)
🌊02. Kettle Chips
🔥03. We Bad News
🌊04. Hors d’Oeuvre
🌊05. Diced Seamoss
🌊06. Lemongrass Duck f. Sicknature
🔥07. Many Lives
🔥08. Strange Love f. La Bruja
🌊09. Panamanian Devil Fruit
🚒10. Manifesto
🚒11. Wild Rice
Project is a good time. They got dope chemistry highkey like a holistic duo just feeding the world knowledge and education. This project is against modern medicine. I rock with that 1000%. They can both fucking rap, and its very clear, they are both students and that is also very clear. This was not put together to play with anyone. The contrast the bars, the lessons, even the features came with it. The only thing that really stopped this from absolutely setting my house on fire was the production. I felt like they were keeping it afloat because of the level of they penmanship rather then just blacking out on the beat like Nejma did on the last track. Those last 2 special but highkey on Wild rice each bar I felt younger and younger and my chair turned into school desk. In rotation for sure, Id love to see them both on some Giallo Point or even like future wave but either way dope dope.
8/10 – John D.
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