?01. LaLaLa
?02. Luv Sux
??03. Until it hit
?04. 4doorz
??05. feel right
?06. control
??07. N8MR FLEX
?08. look good
??09. Polaroid
??10. GUNxDAM
?11. Sour patch
??12. Makeup
?13. Overnight
??14. Rawr XD
?15. romeXjuliet
?16. cosmoXwanda
?17. World War
This project is just overly colorful and noisy for no reason. Then he got the nerve to be degrading women and cussin all over it. This project for skinny lightskin cats who diets consist of only french fries and soda. Each song he channels a different rugrat character. The production has its moments where it tries hard not to be typical youtube “{artist} type beat” but mostly its too much and cant avoid him absolutely butchering it. Too much effects, too much try hard content, and honestly too much copy and pasting. Theres too many songs on here and the somewhat ok ones come at the very end. Bad pacing. His ad libs need a weight room. Someone has to be honest with him in the studio because he could put something simple together but ruins it with all this extra shit. You want proof listen to track 13, doing way too much. We want Little Curly Fry Back!
0.5/10 – John D.


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