Everest – 7heory

Everest – 7heory


Everest – 7heory
?1. Starting To See
?2. Mount Everest
?3. Up At Night
?4. Upside Down
?5. Clueless f. ShaneBellevue
?6. Round of Applause
?7. Taste
Project is a good time. This dude got a very dope cadence and delivery, honestly very refreshing, not like ive never heard someone with a voice like his but def not the norm. He can rap rap too but he honestly mixed it up all the way on here. Dope variety, the quality is here the production stuck with him it all works for this one. For 7 tracks its a ride got stuff to bop too got stuff to dive into and make you think and no matter what the energy is he does not shy back on the raps. Pacing is dope and even the message hes getting off his chest works. This one of those sleeper ones for sure. In rotation.
7.9/10 – John D.


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