IT’S REMBLE – Remble

IT’S REMBLE – Remble


IT’S REMBLE – Remble
?01. Touchable
?02. Ted Talk
?03. No Competition
?04. I Mean It (ft. ? Mozzy)
?05. Ruth’s Chris Freestyle (ft. Drakeo the Ruler)
?06. Ask Madden
?07. Never Tell Freestyle
?08. Watch How You Talk 2 Me
?09. Audible (ft. B.A.)
?10. Gordon R Freestyle
?11. Book Bag (ft. BlueBucksClan)
?12. Firesticc (ft. B.A.)
?13. It’s Been Real (ft. Billy West)
Was this suppose to be spoken word? This is what it would sound like if Shakespeare fusion danced with a worse version of Young Thug and then wrote rhymes on parchment with a quill pen then read it in a studio. That’s not a compliment, this wasn’t good. This dudes delivery and voice makes me hate the fact that my phone can play music. It wouldn’t have been that bad if he didn’t rap like he was trying to yell while whispering. Your pronunciation is too good to have a delivery that bad. Track 4’s feature was pretty good though.
1/10 – D.


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