Day 1 Starter – GirlzLuhDev

Day 1 Starter – GirlzLuhDev


Day 1 Starter – GirlzLuhDev
??1. BNB
?2. Mario Chalmers
?3. Dangerously N Luv
??4. Day 1 Starter f. Remble
??5. Make Perfect
?6. Dead Bro
?7. Feel Away
?8. Tooka f. DACHINC
?9. Used To
This that clone garbage that we all sadly are getting used to. What separates this is not only is the talent trash, like usual, the producers, engineers and features all match his energy. If I could turn the energy of skinny black dudes promising to flip fat white girls stimulus checks into a sound this would be it. Like his label trusted they money on a dice game. This that lemme borrow money and then act different when the person I owe sees me flashing it on instagram type music. Its garbage, beats are trash, his content, the autotune, his voice flow the features, its all just garbage. If you are a fan of someone mixing and mastering someones mobile phone raps and melodies over youtube beats and what not this is for you. If that isnt your wave then please just thank me and move on.
1/10 – John D.


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