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The Golden Éire Tapes Vol. 1 – Odd Numbers

The Golden Éire Tapes Vol. 1 – Odd Numbers
The Golden Éire Tapes Vol. 1 – Odd Numbers
🗣01. Golden Era f. Emmet O’Brien
🌊02. World’s Flyest Slobs f. Sick Nanley & Local Boy
👍🏾03. Cathedrals f. RÓGAN & ØMEGA
🔥04. Sticks and Stones f. Citizen Black
🔥05. Space Bars f. Róg Poets
🌊06. Sick of It f. Sea High
🌊07. Maintain f. Ritewell & Daly
🔥08. Crook f. Jeorge II
🌊09. Blunt to the Neck f. The Ballyboyz
👍🏾10. Fuck That f. Hazey Haze
🔥11. Blue f. Wallfella
Project is dope, lets pretend soundcloud doesn’t ruin quality for a second and you have a very solid mix of hip hop styles done with love and the precision of actual students. The intro had me ready for Conor McGregor raps but honestly once the tunes kicked in, I didn’t really catch the accents as much as I thought I would. They did the new age, they did the old school club stuff, they did the aggressive and they did the rappity raps. I was here for it all, it was all dope minus a weak hook or two everything else was really done with care. Pacing is solid, more like a mixtape type thing so just back to back songs in hopes to get you to put them on repeat. Production was a fucking good time, the variety was it. The contrast between all the styles and voices and features all worked, I just couldn’t tell you who Odd numbers is or was or how many are involved. Very dope tho, this shows that no matter where you from or how you sound you can pay homage if you truly love something. Get this on all streaming. In rotation.
7.5/10 – John D.
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