In the Beginning, Vol. 1 – Declaime & Madlib

In the Beginning, Vol. 1 – Declaime & Madlib


In the Beginning, Vol. 1 – Declaime & Madlib
?01. Enuff
??02. One On One Remix
??03. Cool Ways
?04. 2 To Da Head
?05. Madman
?06. Declaime Speaks
?07. Black
??08. Wake Up
?09. Out Like Dat
?10. Massive Meltdown
?11. All Over the World f. MED
?12. 2 MC 95
??13. Outrose
Project is Hip Hop ZzzQuil. If I had to summarize this correctly, this is the Diner of hip hop, every meal is constructed of the same ingredients, it only does breakfast well, and old people will fuck with it heavy. You have Madlibs dope samples and very low and calm beats, then you have this dude on here rapping in the most old school slow word salad but with kale type vibe that I just was not drawn into. I could not get into his flow pattern it was just a bit too slow for me. The punches were weak, he had some cool content but it wasnt enough to save the songs. The pacing was rough and like it wasnt like it was bad but it barely hit the point of good, it was just like “ok this is a song”. This needed energy, contrast, anything like someone to just snap they fingers at him in the booth. Project is for young cats with mad wrinkles on they hands and old cats who talk loud for no reason. Pass on this.
3/10 – John D.


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