Unlearning, Vol. 1 – Evidence

Unlearning, Vol. 1 – Evidence


Unlearning, Vol. 1 – Evidence
?01. Better You
?02. Start the Day With a Beat
?03. Sharks Smell Blood
?04. Pardon Me
?05. All of That Said f. Boldy James
?06. Won’t Give Up the Danger f. Murkage Dave
?07. Moving On Up f. Conway the Machine
?08. Talking To the Audience
?09. All Money 1983
?10. Pray With an A f. Navy Blue
?11. Lost In Time (Park Jams)
?12. Delay the Issue f. Fly Anakin
?13. Taylor Made Suit
?14. Where We Going From Here…
There isn’t a single thing bad I can say about this project. The only thing its missing is that life changing ?. The production is top tier, The raps top tier, the features whether they were top tier or not spit like they were. The pacing works, the vibe of it works, quality, and the endless fucking raps. This is one of those ones. This the one thats gonna get old heads to come out the woodworks and risk hurting they knees for it, but also this gonna make the hipsters and backpackers happy that they were actually around for its release. This is what happens when a vet in many fields decides to put out some shit for himself. This needs to be locked in a hip hop preservation. If you play this for anyone its mandatory you scream out “WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS SHIT”. In rotation.
9.5/10 – John D.


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