This Can’t Be It – Nic D

This Can’t Be It – Nic D

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This Can’t Be It – Nic D

?01. The Reason
?02. Built Different
?03. Curious
?04. Dangerous
?05. Lightning in a Bottle
?06. By Now
?07. Fandango
?08. Antsy
?09. Ribbon
?10. James Dean
?11. Left Turn Slow
?12. No Scholarships
?13. Lucky
?14. Take Your Time
?15. Wayside
?16. This Far

If you were to put Ed Sheeran , Drake and Mac Miller in a blender this is what you would get. Man has mastered the art of the vocal fry for sure, project has all the sauce. Smooth beats melodic crooning and some catchy raps spread out to make a well balanced piece of work. I’d love to hear two different projects from him one full dark side smooth rapping on some fuck boy shit and one full romantic simp project because I feel like he’s perfectly capable of flipping that switch and we love diversity of style over here.
8/10 – JW


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