Se7en – Ransom

Se7en – Ransom

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?1. Envy
?2. Gluttony f. Lloyd Banks
?3. Greed f. Royce da 5’9
?4. Wrath
?5. Lust / L.U.S.T. f. IX WULF
?6. Sloth f. J. Arrr
?7. Pride

Project is fire. Ransom has a way of stringing together haymakers and honestly gems that make you think effortlessly. Its crazy his delivery and aggressive almost street preaching style does not miss. The features on here from legends to upcomers work. No one slacked for a second. The production is super solid but I couldn’t help but think that they didn’t matter based on how crazy the artists on here were. Like the beats should’ve fought back a bit. Back to back fire, easily put this on repeat and set your headphones, room, or neighborhood on fire. In rotation.
10/10 – John D.


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