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The Lock Sessions Vol. 2 – Locksmith

The Lock Sessions Vol. 2 – Locksmith

The Lock Sessions Vol. 2 – Locksmith

🔥01. With God (ft Xzibit, Rass Kass & Brevi)
🔥02. Quarantine
🔥03. Blasphemy (ft KXNG CROOKED)
🔥04. Signs (ft Lazarus)
🔥05. Knock’em Down (ft Chris Webby)
🔥06. Fantasy World (ft Atmosphere & Rebecca Nobel)
🔥07. Famous
🔥08. Vaccine
🔥09. Angels & Demons (ft Jon Connor)
🔥10. Options (ft FUTURISTIC & Ekoh)
🌊11. Lockbuster
🌊12. The Check In ( ft Marks Battles & JAG)
🚒13. Black Holocaust
🔥/🆗14. Trump Vs Biden
🚒15. 2nd Amendment
🔥/🌊16. Pull Me Out the Water ( ft Zion I & Cassandra LaRose)
🚒17. From A Distance ( ft Martin Luther McCoy)
🌊18. Hold On

This is HEAT From start to finish, project is message heavy without being to wordy or feeling like you’re being beat over the head with wokeness. I’m especially impressed that a project this dense and long doesn’t feel cumbersome to listen to well done sir. Features came to eat, beats were gas and everything sounds clean and crisp like they put some love into this. Only criticism is track 14 felt a little to gimmicky, concept was dope and execution was clever but that def could of been a single separate from the project I feel like it was just unnecessary when you already spoke on so many issues throughout the project. I’ll def be listening to this recreationally though.
8.5/10 – JW


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