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The Greater Good – The Good People

The Greater Good – The Good People
The Greater Good – The Good People
🔥01. The Greater Good
🔥02. Sound the Horns
🔥03. Good Lord f. Lords of the Underground & DJ C-Reality
🔥04. No Sweat🤣
🔥05. Ace & Two Kings f. DJ Ace
🌊06. Nyghtlife f. Mikey D & Tone Spliff
🔥07. Fire! f. Craig G
🔥08. Nuthin’ Left f. Shabaam Sahdeeq, Skanks the Rap Martyr & DJ Eclipse
🔥09. Six Shooter f. John Jigg$, Mouf, Rockwelz & Nam Nitty
🌊10. Underdogs
🔥11. On the Move
🌊12. Different Moves f. Rasheed Chappell (Hook was weak af)
🌊13. The Knock
🔥14. Grown
Its probably gonna sound corny considering the name of the group and project but this project is a good fucking time. It put me in a time machine for sure and reminded me of when I had a big ass yellow nonskip but skipped anyway walkman and traveled everywhere via stolen bike. Felt like a throwback but with now quality and considering we just started the hot days of summer its hitting. The production is absolutely dope, these dudes snapping on here are having a good time, most of the hooks were hitting towards the end it was getting a little overcooked but still got the point across. The features came on here to party, the subject matter made a party of everything they were talking about. Best way I can describe this project is its a hip hop cookout. Grab a plate. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.
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