The Funk – DDwili

The Funk – DDwili


The Funk – DDwili
?1. The Funk
??2. Player Too f. jaybthecanadian
?3. Magic
?4. Mike Wing
?5. Ring Me Up
?6. Rain
?7. The Funk (Reprise)
This project screams that white guy that busts out the same dance move around black folks. I know this dude got an assortment of vintage hats or shirts with buttons. I haven’t looked him up and I know he either has one or had a phase where he rocked just a mustache. Production was solid for the most part, he just took allot from it all. Like he can string together words but it was too overanimated like a tik tok celebrity who got famous using the stereotypical black voice or the Laverne from Scrubs voice. Mix in some ok bars and some very corny ones, a splash of overconfidence and you have this guy. It was a rough listen. Imagine what a BET show would be like if it was completely written, directed, produced by white folks, this that vibe. This project short, so thats a plus. Like watching that vid of Hillary Clinton in Cedar Rapids just chillin on for 26 minutes. Same energy.
1/10 – John D.


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