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The Funk – DDwili

The Funk – DDwili
The Funk – DDwili
🗑1. The Funk
👎🏾2. Player Too f. jaybthecanadian
🚛3. Magic
😴4. Mike Wing
🆗5. Ring Me Up
🆗6. Rain
🗑7. The Funk (Reprise)
This project screams that white guy that busts out the same dance move around black folks. I know this dude got an assortment of vintage hats or shirts with buttons. I haven’t looked him up and I know he either has one or had a phase where he rocked just a mustache. Production was solid for the most part, he just took allot from it all. Like he can string together words but it was too overanimated like a tik tok celebrity who got famous using the stereotypical black voice or the Laverne from Scrubs voice. Mix in some ok bars and some very corny ones, a splash of overconfidence and you have this guy. It was a rough listen. Imagine what a BET show would be like if it was completely written, directed, produced by white folks, this that vibe. This project short, so thats a plus. Like watching that vid of Hillary Clinton in Cedar Rapids just chillin on for 26 minutes. Same energy.
1/10 – John D.
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