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All The Brilliant Things – Skyzoo

All The Brilliant Things – Skyzoo
All The Brilliant Things – Skyzoo
🔥01. Free Jewelry
🔥02. St. James Liquors (ft Aaria)
🔥03. A Tour of the Neighborhood (ft Ill Al Skratch)
🔥04. Rich Rhetoric
🌊05. Bodega Flowers (FT BJ the Chicago Kid)
🔥06. Something to Believe In (ft Raheem DeVaughn)
🔥07. Humble Brag
🔥08. I Was Supposed to Be a Trap Rapper
🔥09. Plugs and Connections
🆗10. The Scrimmage (ft Stlndrms)
🔥11. Culture-ish (ft Karriem Riggins & MonicaBlaire)
🚒12. Bed-Stuy is Burning(ft Hypnotic Brass Ensemble)
🔥13. What Money Taught Us (ft Xiolynn) the
🔥14. Soft Eyes (ft Blakk Soul)
This project slides, but I can’t help but feel like it was made for diehard Skyzoo fans or just for Skyzoo himself because this shit is not for casual rap fans. He’s out here snapping as usual dropping gems left and right but you almost have to listen through some of the beats to even hear what he’s saying. I get they were going for a jazz centric sound but jazz is already clunky on its own and some of these tracks just feel over produced. Track ten sounds like they sampled the sound of a free form jazz band falling down a flight of stairs. Other then that I fucked with the project overall and will probably give it a few more spins to see if it grows on me more.
7.5/10 – JW
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