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Haitian Boy Kodak – Kodak Black

Haitian Boy Kodak – Kodak Black
Haitian Boy Kodak – Kodak Black
🚛1. Round the Roses
👎🏾2. Z Look Jamaican
🌊3. Basement on Fire
🆗4. Dejanbem
🌊5. Dirty K
💤6. Maffioso
🚮7. Oracle
🌊8. Don’t Leave Me
Project has moments but overall its him drooling in english and creole. When its aggressive its really only good for a few funny lines that are ignorant for fun like him talking about peeing in buttholes. When its smooth it slides and shows his musical ear surpasses and child making noises and banging on toy instruments. The content is random but was solid when he speaks on his peoples and such, but the flex stuff comes off like a shy dude in the corner of a club singing lyrics to himself to every popular song but in a corner facing it. If you wanna hear clean prod, quality but old school WB cartoon character vocals then this is for you.
4/10 – John D.
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