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Dough Networkz presents “Skanless Summer” – T.F

Dough Networkz presents “Skanless Summer” – T.F
Dough Networkz presents “Skanless Summer” – T.F
🌊01. Michael Myers
🔥02. Ted Dibiase
🌊03. Blowin’ Racks f. Ice Cold Bishop
🌊04. Spray f. 👎🏾Space Monsta
🚒05. A Wax and O Dog f. Bale & Trizz
🌊06. My Section f. Bale
🆗07. Big Game James f. Jay Worthy & Meaku
🌊08. Lords In a Spaceship f. G4 Jag
🌊09. Miami Nights
🔥10. Skanless Summer f. Washeyi Choir
Project is super solid. One thing is very clear and its that he can fucking rap, dope voice, dope cadence, and dope content for sure. Street shit plenty, but then its him vs the production which was inconsistent. When it hit it hit, when it didnt it was piercing or overly repetitive and felt a bit hollow. Its a shame because you can hear what he was trying to get across, the features for the most part were solid, but the ones on for hooks weren’t the greatest they weren’t too consistent. The pacing overall was solid, the story here was cool the skits were nice its dope but I was left feeling this should have been way better.
7/10 – John D.
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