Mask On – Chevy Woods

Mask On – Chevy Woods


Mask On – Chevy Woods
?1. Self
?2. Txt Me
??3. Lost My Mind (feat. OSBS Smoke)
?4. Just Me
?5. Fed Problems
?6. Green Light
??7. Cheat Code
??8. Nightmares
I’ve always thought Chevy was the best spitter in the Taylor Gang camp. He establishes this in the first verse on the intro. But then he goes and shows growth with his pen and steps outside the box and shows he could actually hold a note in Txt Me (albeit def sounds like TyDolla$ wrote it lol). The pacing is ehh but the production is clean and the one feature he had he could’ve left off. Didn’t like when he did the auto tune thing wanted more of the raps and less of the new age melody. All in all I got hyped with the first two songs but he disappointed after. Bring back cabin fever Chevy!
4/10 – LP


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