S I m P! – Fletcher

S I m P! – Fletcher


S I m P! – Fletcher
?01. Pheelingz.
?02. Velvita. (f. Cap4dahomies)
?03. Cupid’s Calico.
?04. s w i s h. (f. Kiraly Payne)
?05. S L I D E !
?06. Signs?
?07. Read At 8:15Pm
?08. 2 U. (Innalood)
?09. Hov’s 100th Problem.
?10. Sodium.
?11. Not Likely.
?12. son of taiyo. (f. ERLEE)
This is a dope project. Dude can rap and can sing. He put out some J. Cole vibes then came in with real bars and Kendrick flows, and it all worked. The delivery was solid, the quality was solid, the production was fire. I liked the way he spelled out the records and project title too. It was creative and different, and I like to see and appreciate things like that. It makes records stand out. Every aspect of an artists work is a canvas to paint their uniqueness; so I’m glad to see that he took every opportunity to use and express that. Dope work.
8/10 – D.


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